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3 Demo Mistakes That Are Causing You to Lose Deals

Demos are a core component in the SaaS sales process. While you can definitely build trust on the discovery call alone, a great demo transforms a new customer into a long-term high-ticket client. Demos also close whatever the remaining gap is for clients still on the fence.

There is a common misconception about demos–many people perceive them as nothing more than a tutorial of your SaaS products. So many software sales leaders have been led astray by this inaccurate mindset, which means they hardly ever reach the dotted line.

And what is there to be surprised about? Imagine being a buyer shopping for sales software and going through maybe fifty different solutions, each with 1-3 hours of video demonstration narrated by some guy who would give your most monotonous college professor a run for his money.

Tragic demos aside, more than shortening your videos and channeling a ton of energy is needed to wow your audience with your software demos. They’re just one of the basics of demo-making. You can still detonate three fatal mistakes that would blow up your entire sales process.

I know many of you mean well, so you must stop these and watch my video to find out the top three demo killers you may unknowingly be committing. We all want to help and provide value. That is why we are in business; that is why we are in SaaS sales. It would be sad if that desire to help became harmful to a customer.

So go take some notes off my sales tip and apply them as soon as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to comment on YouTube or message me on LinkedIn. And should you want to take your demo to the best it could ever be, start by grabbing The Ultimate Demo Guide. Not only will you save your close rate, but you’ll also be the sales leader you’ve always envisioned yourself to be.