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3 Simple Tactics to Master Sales – Speak on Podcast ft. Matt Wolach

Sales Speak Podcast featuring Matt Wolach


There are many ways in order to reach the top in the world of software sales but the process does not have to be extremely complex. If anything, tried and tested basic strategies actually work the best and would be effective regardless if you are a sales veteran or an industry newcomer. There is a reason why every master of whatever craft there is always telling people to practice the basics.

In an episode of the Speak on Podcasts, B2B SaaS Sales Coach Matt Wolach talks about three quick no-brainer tips that you can apply right at this moment in order to boost your SaaS. He also disputes the notion of relying on PLG (Product-Led Growth) and explains exactly why this can be deadly to your close rate without a sales process in place. Watch the video so that you can immediately step up your sales game!


Podcast: Speak on Podcasts – with Jakub Zajicek

Episode (Original): PLG doesn’t work on its own | Matt Wolach, RingBot`

Guest: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS sales coach, Entrepreneur, and Investor


Help Instead of Being Pushy

It may seem counterintuitive to help, according to Matt, but software salespeople will actually get a higher conversion rate if only they approached their leads as a helper. Being too pushy is guaranteed to be an instant turn-off to prospects which would then squash your close rate. You do not want that to happen especially when you could have easily avoided that outcome by helping instead of pushing the sale.

Instead of obsessing about the numbers and frequently checking your CRM, focus on your customers. Think deeply about how you can thoroughly help them and then act on it. This will make your conversations resonate with your customer as they will see you as a guide instead of an overbearing salesperson who is just in it for the numbers. Remember, sincerity goes a long way in establishing rapport and that is something you need to have for your business to succeed.

Be Persistent with your Sales Strategy

For Matt, the most important character trait that software salespeople and SaaS founders alike can have is persistence. You have to be persistent with your sales strategy if you want to see results. A lot of people try a sales technique only a few times and then immediately throw in the towel. They then try another tactic only to repeat this cycle.

It is important to focus on whatever sales strategy you are currently using and keep at it. When you think of it as planting trees, you do not replant another species if you do not immediately see fruits or succeed on the first try. Matt attests to being persistent stating that when he started his LinkedIn, there were no likes at all. But now, it has become his primary lead generator with 80% of his prospects originating on LinkedIn.

Put a Sales Process in Place

This may seem like the most obvious tip but there have been talks recently about how Product-Led Growth (PLG) is enough to ‘get it right.’ Having a sales process is perhaps the most basic thing you can do in ensuring your SaaS becomes a success. It is the core of business and entrepreneurship and it is what will stabilize and scale your brand.

Relying purely on PLG will be difficult if you are trying to sell any product that has a monthly recurring fee of $100 or above. People are going to want demos to ensure that the purchase is worth it and rightly so. If you haven’t prepared enough for a demo call or even figured out your discovery flow, your product is not likely to gain traction which will hurt your numbers a lot. So always have a killer sales process in constant motion on top of having an awesome product.


PLG is Not Enough to Sell

While some companies tell stories about how their product is so amazing that they managed to scale on it alone (there are some examples out there), Matt cautions against the spreading misconception that this is enough to sell. 

But it’s just one of the ingredients that you need to have. In order to convert and avoid a high churn rate is through having a solid sales process is place. Keep in mind that companies who succeeded on PLG alone are the exception and not the norm. They were lucky and a lot of them eventually applied sales techniques to further scale their already successful products.


Matt Wolach

[0:48] “Product-led growth doesn’t work on its own. You have to get out there. You have to get in front of your customers. You have to get in front of your market. You have to speak to some of your best-fit potential customers.”

[2:05] “But when you change how you’re thinking and you start thinking about, ‘I want to help this person. I want to help them overcome these goals or get these goals. I want to help them overcome the challenges and how can I best do that?’ Now the person on the other side; they don’t feel a salesperson pulling them. They feel a guide and a consultant who’s helping them along.”

[3:28] “First of all, you want to make sure you’re doing the right thing… Once you know it’s right, get at it and push and push and stay consistent. Be persistent and don’t give up if it’s the right thing for you right now. Keep with it.”


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