Software Sales Tips by Matt Wolach

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3 Steps to a Solid Sales Process

Your software project has reached MVP, and you’re ready to show it to the world. You might have generated a few leads, but to no avail – you’re left waiting for a response.

Sales in the SaaS world is challenging, especially if you’re just starting out in the industry. It can even be discouraging at times when you almost closed that one deal, but they hit you with the “We’ll get back to you.”

You know what that means – there’s no deal. No bacon to bring home tonight, and it’s hard.

So, if you find yourself in this situation where:

  • You find it hard to bring prospects to a deal…
  • You hardly find prospects at all…
  • The prospects that go down your funnel never convert…

Then this is for you:

Here’s how to formulate a KILLER SALES PROCESS.

  1. Define the Structure

Do you end up in calls that lead to no fruition? Or you just end up leading the prospect nowhere after discovery? It might mean that your company doesn’t have a defined structure for a sales process.

The best way to approach this is to analyze your existing process first and polish from there instead of starting from scratch. Try picking up resources, sales books, demo samples, and many more to immerse yourself into the sales action. Learn from the experts, what they do, what they say that closes deals quickly.

If that doesn’t work, get a sales coach, someone who can just show you exactly what to do. But make sure it is a SaaS Sales Coach, others won’t work well for your software company.

  1. Tailor and Personalize

If you go into sales calls unprepared, you just gave the prospect a reason not to take you seriously. This is a harsh truth, but let’s face it – going into a knife fight without a knife spells your defeat.

Stop jumping into calls and winging it once you’re in. Instead, try doing a simple background check with your client before starting your call. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are they doing?
  • What industry are they in?
  • What are their interests?
  • What drove them to set a call with you?

Answering these simple questions will give you an edge in the discussion already – giving you a topic to break the ice to and start connecting with the person.

  1. Listen and Guide

Now that you’ve built a bridge to the prospect, it’s time to listen to what’s been troubling them and actually listen to them. Try putting this anecdote into heart, and see the numbers change drastically (I’ve seen this mindset shift work WONDERS for my clients):

Instead of trying to SELL, try to HELP.

Help the prospect out with the problems that they’re having and try to connect to them from a position of assistance. The prospect agreed to a call with you to find the solution to their software problems in the first place, so steer them away from the sale and drive them to the solution. 

It may not make sense at first, but once you gain the trust of the prospect through genuine concern, the sales process will be a lot smoother than you would expect.


A killer sales process is a formula that will take any lead to the end of the funnel with great success rates.

Create a sales process that gives the prospect value with a personalized approach for every lead. Give them a reason to talk to you and why they should consider your solution by actually listening to them and their troubles.

That way, you’re building a bridge between you and the prospect and they will be comfortable sharing their troubles with you. 

Then that’s where your product comes in to save the day and solve their problems.