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3 Things That are Killing Your Buyer’s Emotions

Have you ever seen someone trying to get into software sales? I’ll bet you the story goes like this. They enter research mode and end up with a long list of sales jargon. You name it: lead generation, discovery, demos, conversion rate, pipeline optimization! After that, they hit the market to look for the perfect sales tool.

This is a typical pattern of people who try to get into SaaS sales. They tend to delve immediately into sales technicalities and hoard as much information as possible. They then pour an impressive amount of hard work into applying that knowledge which usually results in a less-than-stellar closing rate.

But these people are usually not quitters. If it’s not working out, they’re just lacking in software. They may need to acquire the best SaaS for sales to do the magic for them. And if they’re business owners, they’ll hire a salesperson with a brilliant resume.

But let me tell you the reality of it. Even with all that effort, sales usually only succeed for some people, which is painful. All that effort and time just went down the drain. They start to wonder if they need to do more. It can even mutate into thinking, “I am not good enough.”

This isn’t true. You are good enough. You can have some of the sales knowledge in the world to start selling. You don’t need to spend four years in business school either (though it helps). This may sound cheesy, but the essential thing you need for sales is already within you. 


You, me, that scary-looking client, the top executives of Forbes 100 companies– we all have emotions. And while you can try to ‘master’ your feelings, at the end of the day, you are run by them. You turn to your emotions whenever you decide. Some call it “intuition,” while others call it “instinct.”

And so, to capture your client’s emotions, watch this video where I’ll be sharing the three traps that will annihilate your prospect’s emotions and how you can sidestep them. Not only will you stop self-sabotaging your sales motion, but your conversation rate will soar through the roof, just like your buyer’s emotions.