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4 Reasons Why You Would Not Want a Sales Coach

Tapping a software sales coach is one of the surefire ways to scale your business rapidly. After all, there is no need to go through the difficult and expensive process of trial and error. You just sit back, follow their guide, and watch it work its magic on your demo conversion rates as your software company grows and thrives.

But even though having a SaaS sales mentor can be excellent and convenient, you might need something else. Yes, only some people need to enlist the help of a coach. 

With that said, there are various reasons why you might not want a sales guide, but before we dig into that, notice the keyword ‘some people.’ Again, only some people need a sales coach. ‘Some’ don’t. But many software founders and companies would definitely benefit from a SaaS sales expert.

In this week’s sales tip, you will discover if you are one of the rare individuals who are better off not having a SaaS coach. You will understand the grounds for deciding against getting an expert and, by extension, who are the people who need to get on the phone with one ASAP.

If you don’t need a SaaS mentor, congratulations. You must be pretty amazing. There’s a good chance you actually have the wisdom required to be a coach yourself. But if not, that’s totally fine too! You have me. I’m just one call away. Let’s see if we work well together in smashing your revenue goals!