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A Huge Demo Mistake That Causes Lost Deals

Over the years, many can attest to how I have given sales tips (I guess that’s part of being a SaaS Sales Coach). Many of those tips center around ensuring your software demo is a surefire success.

When it comes to demo calls, most remember how I frequently talk about The Perfect D.E.A.L Process both on my channel and in podcasts as a guest. This is because that sales process works spectacularly well and gets closed deals.

Now, there is more SaaS sales advice that I can talk about that turns a demo from good to great. But if there’s one thing you have to take away from all of my sales techniques, it would be to avoid this single deadly demo mistake that will kill your close rate. Lost clients are guaranteed if you keep doing your demos this way.

This video will teach you what you should not do when performing your winning demos. To give you a clue, do you know those demo calls where they talk about every single feature and explain how to use them in-depth? Those are lousy demo calls.

You will understand precisely what makes them terrible and why they throttle your conversion rate. You will also learn what to do instead, which would lead to more than a 25% closing rate after your demo calls. Click the play button above to find out more.