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Are Demos a Science or an Art?

A software sales cycle is only complete with a demo. Whether you’re selling a service or a solution. There needs to be some type of demo showcasing what you are selling.

Demos are the core of sales. And that is why we are back with yet another demo content. But this time, we will not be focusing on the technicalities of the demo. Instead, we will be staying high-level, discussing the philosophy behind the nature of demos.

Are great demos due to science, or are they more of an art? 

In this week’s sales tip, I demonstrate how demos come from a love affair between science and art. I also explain just what “traits” demos have inherited from each party. I then show you how to develop your demo through the best supplement you can ever take.

So if you want to successfully raise your closing rate to retire your SaaS with millions of dollars in the bank, make sure you don’t miss watching this video!