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Close More Software Demos by Following the Airline Model

Selling Software: What Airlines Can Teach Us

In software sales, we can learn a valuable lesson from airlines. It may seem odd but it’s a lesson that transcends industries and can help software companies like yours grow, close more deals, and ultimately reach your goals. So, what’s this secret that airline companies have mastered, and how can it be applied to the software world? Let’s dive into it.

Selling the Destination, Not the Features

Airlines have long understood the power of selling the destination. When you walk through an airport, you’re bombarded with posters and ads showcasing beautiful cities like Rome, Paris, or New York City. Strikingly absent from these advertisements are the technical details of the planes or the in-flight amenities. Airlines have realized that to capture travelers’ hearts and wallets, they need to sell the experience at the destination.

In the software industry, we often focus on the nitty-gritty details, the features, and the capabilities of our products. We get caught up in showcasing the latest widgets or functionalities. While these aspects are undoubtedly important, other keys exist to winning customers. Like airlines, software companies need to shift their focus to selling the destination, not just the features.

Painting a Picture of Results

When selling software, it’s crucial to emphasize the results customers will achieve by using your tool. What transformation will they undergo? Where will they be after implementing your solution? This is where storytelling becomes a powerful tool.

Stories allow you to share real-life experiences and showcase the outcomes people have achieved using your software. Just as airlines show travelers enjoying their dream destinations, you can share stories of individuals or businesses achieving success, whether it’s increased revenue, cost savings, time efficiency, or any other positive outcome.

Learning From Airlines

By adopting this “sell the destination” approach, software companies can take a page from the airline industry’s playbook. Instead of drowning potential customers in technical jargon and feature lists, focus on the tangible benefits and outcomes your software offers. Show your audience where they can be, both professionally and personally, by choosing your solution.

Just as airlines have successfully sold travelers on the dream of exploring exciting cities, your software can sell the dream of achieving business success, streamlining operations, or improving lives. When you sell the destination and the results, your software sales are bound to take off.

So, the next time you’re crafting a software sales pitch or marketing campaign, remember these airline lessons: It’s not just about the features—it’s about where your customers will go with your software. Embrace storytelling, highlight the destination, and watch your software sales soar to new heights.