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3 Deal Breakers That Will Ruin Your Software Demo

deal breakers for software demo

Doing a demo is not as easy as one may think. Apart from having the right structure, you need to know what you should avoid saying or doing during the presentation. You also need to understand your role and how you can help your prospect in the best way possible. 

If you’re not sure how to do this, don’t fret. Prevention is key, and there are several instances you can avoid to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Here are three deal-breakers that will ruin your demo:

1) Using the Wrong Demo Structure

Imagine yourself in a theater play, but you never studied the script. 

Chances are, you would put on a poor show. The same principle applies to a demo. You need to do all the homework beforehand and determine which features and benefits are appropriate to the needs of the prospect. 

Then it’s critical to ensure you structure the demo correctly to keep the buyers enthusiastic about your solution and emotional about their pain.

Putting the effort in to set it up correctly upfront can go a long way, so make sure you have the right demo structure. That way, you can close more deals, and your clients will feel confident about what you have to offer. 

2) Being a Trainer Instead of a Seller

Leave all the training to the trainers. 

Your job as a seller is to convince your clients that your solution, whether it be a product or service, can solve their problems. However, not everyone—including yourself—may be aware of it. 

Many times salespeople make the mistake of walking their clients through the entire process, hoping they learn how to use the system.

The trick here is to be mindful of who you are and what you do. 

A demo should give only the information your client needs to take action and eventually close the deal. They don’t need to know how to use the tool…yet.

Know your role and do it well. 

3) Walking Them Through All the Features

Nobody likes boring presentations, and your prospects are no exception. 

If you walk them through the process step by step, they will eventually lose interest and zone out all through the presentation. If they lack enthusiasm, your close rate will go down the drain. 

Don’t bore your prospect with how your process works, the ins and outs, what forms do what, and all the other technical stuff. Also, no need to walk them through every feature of your product; it’s tiring and time-consuming. If you were in their shoes, you would probably feel the same way as well.

Here is where the process of discovery plays a crucial role in convincing your clients and closing the deal. As a salesperson, your role is to understand their fears, issues, anxieties, and other apprehensions. That way, you can show them specifically the pieces in your solution to help solve their problems. 

In Summary

Demos are NOT training sessions. 

As a seller, you should have the right demo structure and the awareness that you are giving solutions to your client’s problems instead of boring them with details. Get straight to the point, and your deal will close as soon as you think. Good luck!