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How Software Founders Can Scale and Travel the World

Software Founders Travel

Some of the top reasons for wanting to start a software company are to achieve financial freedom and to travel the world. 

To be able to take a week or a whole month off and splurge in a foreign place is the ultimate goal. But no matter how short or long the actual vacation is, the preparation for it would take longer. It requires time, money, and patience. 

On the other hand, founders often find themselves buried in a pile of work. It is normal and a must to dedicate time and effort to maintain and scale the business. When you have a goal, you have to work hard to achieve it. However, often these founders have trouble taking a break and moving away from work. 

Especially since the business can’t function without them.

As a SaaS founder, you may think that the secret to successfully scaling your company is being hands-on and working 24/7. Though it is correct in the beginning, eventually you’ll need to get out of that mode or face burnout. Watch this video to learn how you can scale your business while still being able to travel the world!