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How To Approach a Potential Partner To Drive Great Leads

Great software businesses are built from the efforts of multiple stakeholders. 

The credit does not solely belong to the executives or the employees who are directly working on the product. It also rides on the backs of the clients and your business partners.

You might be thinking, as a budding software founder or even a veteran in SaaS, how do you establish effective business partnerships? Do you just walk up to some random person on Wall Street and say, “Hey, want to be partners?” Or do you post a detailed advert on LinkedIn?

The truth is business partners aren’t really that different from your paying customers. You simply have to pitch your brand without being a hard sell. You must also focus on the prospective business partner’s pain points and benefits. 

In short, give first and you shall get.

In this week’s sales tip, I will teach you how to win the heart of the right business partner with the perfect approach. You will understand the reasoning behind the golden rule of sales so that you can begin building your network in order to mindfully scale your company.

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Again, business partners are just like your customers. They just come through a different sales funnel with the added benefit of support whether you exit or you scale.