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How to Be an Amazing Closer

In this fast-paced world of software sales, the ability to close deals efficiently and effectively is a crucial skill. As a B2B software sales coach with a close rate of 81%, I share the top tips for becoming an exceptional closer. Let’s explore the importance of the entire sales process, focusing on the often-overlooked starting point – the discovery phase.


The journey to being a great closer begins not at the end of the conversation but at the very start. A robust discovery process is the foundation of successful closings. So, as a software founder, closing deals becomes challenging if you can’t get the right questions and answers during the discovery phase. These are the steps you need to take to succeed:

Exact Questions and Planning

To be a great Discoverer, one must have a solid discovery process. This involves asking precise questions and planning to ensure your buyer is an ideal fit for your software product or service.

Creating Emotional Connection

The key to a successful discovery process is making the buyer feel their pain. The buyers must not only have a problem but also intensely dislike or hate that problem. Creating an emotional connection during discovery is essential for driving action.

Pre-Planned Pain Points

Prepare pre-planned critical points within your discovery process to extract information that will make the buyer genuinely feel their pain. This involves drilling into the answers, twisting the knife, and ensuring the buyer recognizes the urgency to address their pain points.

Time Investment

Time investment in the discovery process is crucial. If your discovery process takes less than five minutes, you’re not digging deep enough. On average, the best discoveries take between 10 to 15 minutes. This time investment ensures a thorough understanding of the buyer’s or the decision maker’s needs and challenges.

Closing the Loop

Closing deals successfully is not just about what happens at the end of the conversation. Starting with a meticulous and well-executed discovery phase, the entire software sales process lays the groundwork for high close rates.

To be an amazing closer, be an exceptional starter. Invest time and effort in perfecting your discovery process, ensuring you uncover the pain points and emotions that drive buyers to act. Implement these strategies to enhance your closing abilities and set yourself apart in the software sales world. Remember, closing deals effectively is not just an art; it’s a well-planned and executed science.

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