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How To Convert More Leads To Demos

Turning leads into successful demo calls is a crucial aspect of the sales process. Many companies, however, struggle to get potential leads to show up for their initial calls. Let’s discuss steps to enhance your lead-to-demo conversion rate and ensure that more leads make it to that all-important first call.

The 45% Dilemma

There is a common misconception among software companies – the assumption that if a lead submits an inquiry, they will inevitably book a call. Shockingly, statistics reveal that only 45% of inbound leads show up for that call. This reality underscores the need for a strategic approach to improve lead-to-demo conversion rates.

Tracking Metrics for Improvement

Tracking metrics is important in any business, not just in SaaS, noting that monitoring performance can lead to significant improvements. While the initial lead-to-demo rate may be a discouraging 45%, companies that actively track and focus on this metric can see it rise to 60%, a noteworthy improvement. 

The Pursuit of Excellence

But why settle for 60% when world-class operations achieve 80% or even higher rates? This leads to a crucial realization – fixing the lead-to-demo process at the top of the funnel can increase the number of leads successfully converted, ultimately resulting in increased customers.

Strategies for Success

The concept of “speed to lead” comes from the need to reach out to leads as quickly as possible. Waiting 24 hours is no longer acceptable. Instead, responding within minutes significantly increases the chances of connecting with potential clients. The key is to assign someone on the team the responsibility of prioritizing quick lead response.

The Impact of Immediate Action

Immediate action, including a prompt phone call, can make a substantial difference. Some success stories from my clients where I witnessed remarkable improvements by adopting a speed-to-lead approach are something to note. By connecting with leads swiftly, companies can increase their chances of winning deals, as studies show that the first responder secures the deal 71% of the time.

Persistence Pays Off 

A consistent follow-up through calls, emails, and other channels can rekindle a client’s interest even if a lead doesn’t respond immediately. The goal is maintaining a connection until the lead is successfully booked for a demo. This perseverance is proven effective, with eight or nine out of ten leads eventually showing up for a scheduled demo.

In conclusion, the journey from a 45% lead-to-demo conversion rate to 80% or higher is achievable and essential for maximizing business opportunities. 

By embracing the concept of speed to lead and implementing a persistent outreach strategy, companies can significantly improve their chances of turning leads into valuable customers. 

As I consistently suggest, investing in the right processes at the top of the funnel can lead to extraordinary results throughout the entire sales process.