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How To Get To The Decision Maker So You Can Close

When you think about it, SaaS sales is another highly competitive sport with way more dollars on the line. It’s simultaneously both challenging and rewarding, making it super fun. But as you level up and become a pro, you may begin to hit certain roadblocks.

Imagine that you are playing darts. Most people think the most frustrating experience is the complete misses that never graze the board. But the truth is, it’s actually those near hits that will drive you crazy. The same goes for the software sales cycle.

Tell me. Have you ever had a sales call go so well with a prospect that you can almost see your bottom line swelling? You can almost taste the victory only to have it be pulled under you like a rug because that contact vanished into thin air.

It’s likely they didn’t get approval form the higher ups and they were too embarrassed to tell you.

In this week’s sales tip, I will demonstrate how to hit the proverbial bullseye starting with aiming for the right target. I will teach you exactly how to position yourself so that you can meet with the decision-maker. 

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