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How to Implement FinTech to Compete with Big Players – with Joe Keeley


Here’s the truth: there’s no surefire formula for instant success in the software world. But you can still boost the growth of your SaaS business by working with investors, gathering a core team, and utilizing the tools and resources that are easily available today.

Co-Founder and CEO of JustiFi, Joe Keeley, talks about how their business evolved from a simple platform to what it is now. He shares with Host and B2B SaaS Sales Coach Matt Wolach about their journey and how they learned to manage their company,


Podcast: Scale Your SaaS

Episode: Episode No. 251, “How to Implement FinTech to Compete with Big Players – with Joe Keeley”

Host: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS sales coach, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Guest: Joe Keeley 


Look For Investors

Investors can be a great thing for any business. Working with an investor can help you grow your software business quickly, but it also comes with a lot of work. Should your brand or business decide to seek funding from investors, your next step is to figure out how to invite them. Find an investor who can also be a reliable source of business advice and may have a strong business network. To do this, it’s best to assemble a highly-skilled team to deal with investors and investments.

Grow Your Startup

Starting a software business and maintaining it are two different things. There needs to be more capital. To keep the business up and going, there should be a core team composed of experienced individuals who are well-equipped to handle business matters. You need experts and seasoned investors. After all, the success of any business depends on the people. You have to have the right people in the right place.

Make Mistakes

We don’t always make the right decisions. Failure, mistakes, mishaps – every bit plays a role in the growth of a business. Mistakes should be treated as learning experiences that help to refine strategies and fuel faster growth. The road to success is not one straight path, and you have to accept that making mistakes is not the end of it. Software startups should always evaluate the errors along with the opportunity for profit. 


Utilizing Financial Technology

Several software tools and resources available now can greatly help SaaS startups. One of them is Financial Technology or FinTech. This technology helps with banking, lending, payments, and other finance-related matters. It is meant to make financial services more efficient, making them much more useful and accessible for startups. Fintech helps you structure payments correctly so that you anticipate all the things your customers want to do in the future.

Manage Your Growing Business

If you want your startup to succeed, you need a core team of smart, driven people, a product or offering that actually solves business problems, and a plan that includes forecasts and deliverables on how to gain capital, draw investors in and grow your business.


Joe Keeley

[15:21] “Because the tools that are out there today, if executed properly, can really help you accelerate that potential.” 

[22:01] “We all make mistakes each and every day. And I just reserve the right to try to be smarter tomorrow, and I am today.” 

Matt Wolach

[04:18] “Now there’s so much opportunity for some of the smaller and medium-sized companies to be able to accelerate.”  


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