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How To Win Business From Twitter – with Yannick Veys


In this episode of SaaS Story in the Making, B2B SaaS Sales Coach and host Matt Wolach and Hypefury’s Co-Founder, Yannick Veys, talk about how anyone can effectively build and market their brand on Twitter. 

With many social media platforms, it can be challenging to find one where a brand can grow. But with Veys’ experience, especially on Twitter, he shared excellent ways on how founders (or non-founders) can successfully start their journey that can reap benefits in no time.  


Podcast: SaaS-Story in the Making

Episode: Episode No. 213, “How To Win Business From Twitter”

Host: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS sales coach, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Guest: Yannick Veys, Co-Founder of Hypefurye


Be Consistent & Follow Your Heart 

Following your heart may sound cliché, but it works when you grow your brand. This is one of Veys’ top tips for boosting your account. Being consistent in a platform that you know you like using and where you want to grow an audience gives you a headstart on growth. 

There are so many social media platforms, and it is impossible to start a network everywhere. In starting to build your brand, you can choose what you have been using for a long time or be strategic and learn where you can provide more content. From here, you can start learning the “lingo and quirks–get a feeling with what platform suits you.” In Veys’ case, he started on Twitter, shared valuable content, observed the audience, grasped the niche, and started discovering growth strategies. These led him to create an entire network and enabled him to branch out to other platforms. 

Growing on social media is not always fast. Building your brand would take time for your target audience to trust you. This is why consistently providing valuable content that matches the niche is an essential first step. When done right, you can get more followers and build your credibility as a founder.    

Share Your Story       

Everybody loves hearing about humble beginnings. When starting our journey, you will come across lots of small wins. You may think that it is nothing compared to your competitors’ achievements, but it deserves as much appreciation as reaching your ultimate goal. 

Do not be afraid to share your story, your small wins, or your recent achievements. Veys said, “there’s always going to be somebody interested in what you’re doing.”  You may have been used to seeing constant growth in an industry you may know so well. Small wins may not feel as satisfying anymore. But you have an audience that can inspire in building your brand. Your experiences matter, and push your audience to do the same. 

Sharing your story can also be equivalent to content sharing. As you narrate your experiences, you are already giving your valuable audience information and reaching out to them. And it attracts more audiences to see your growth. You can start building a network of like-minded individuals in the field. 

Put Money Inside Your Brand Bank           

Running paid ads is an effective marketing strategy for some companies. However, it can appear too costly for other businesses– it takes out money from your brand bank. This is also one of the strategies that Veys refuses to do. Instead, he recommended putting money in your brand bank by sharing valuable content. 

He considers the latter form of marketing as interruption marketing, where your brand constantly appears everywhere. While it may seem easier to employ, your market might not like it. Instead, they prefer learning from you through the content you provide. You can constantly interact on your preferred social media platform, in this case, Twitter. 

Give your audience value by sharing what you know, and this can fill your brand bank without spending too much. Of course, selling still works and should be integrated once in a while. But once you have filled up your brand bank, you now have the foundation of trust that pulls your audience to you.


Have the Freedom & an Effective Backup 

Building your brand gives you an avenue to express yourself more or be a trusted adviser in a different industry than your SaaS business. It can also serve as an effective backup to your career. 

Twitter is one of the most effective platforms to start. You can quickly learn the lingo, engage with other users, and find ways to grow through content. An effective Twitter growth solution, such as Hypefury, can speed up your growth by helping with content and engagement. This is also how Veys expanded his growth potential. Hopefully, as he helps develop, he can grow his brand around SEO and effectively grow a community on Twitter. He believes that “ if you want to start something for yourself, or if you’re going to have an excellent backup, it’s always good to have your own, personal brand.“

Everyone Should Do It 

You do not have to be a founder to build a personal brand. It is also not always about sharing your knowledge in the same field as your business. Building your brand is about sharing your expertise and being able to provide value to others. Veys said, “you don’t have to be a founder. You can just find something you’re passionate about. And again, share your knowledge.” From here, you can start inspiring others to begin their journey. Soon enough, they will be reaching out to you for help, and you may find yourself with a (profitable) opportunity that establishes your credibility.


Yannick Veys

[06:15] “You know, you could get fired from your job any day. And so if you want to start something for yourself, or if you want to have a nice backup, it’s always good to have your own, personal brand.”

[10:07] “There’s always going to be somebody who’s interested in what you’re doing.” 

[11:53] “If people see that you’re experiencing something that you can get those results, people will reach out to you and just ask you, “‘can you do this for me?”

[17:46] “Don’t overthink your content sharing. Don’t think people know already [or] that they don’t care about it. But they do because you’re doing something many people aren’t.”

Matt Wolach

[09:27] “SaaS founders and SaaS leaders, share your journey, and people love the whole build in public. And it’s something where you can just share what you’re doing. And it works well. People resonate with it.”

[13:50] “So, you do not have to sell when you do things. You’re kind of sharing value and just showing people how they can improve, and through that, they realize that your product can help them do those things.”

[15:16] “I think that if you’ve done that work of building the foundation of trust, it makes it so much easier when you do have an ask that people are going to just flood it instead of who this person is.”


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