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Here’s How You Can Make Your Prospects Remember Your Demo Key Points

Demo Key Points

Did you know that most people forget 90% of what they heard within a week of hearing it? Not all of us have good memories, and retaining information is a lot easier said than done. The same idea applies to software sales, where technical terms and complex information on demo key points usually make up the bulk of your presentation. 

That means your prospects are also forgetting every word that you just told them. 


As a seller, you need to make sure your clients understand how your product benefits them instead of forgetting what you told them. You can’t let that  happen, especially since you probably put so much time and effort into making the presentation.

Don’t fret now, because there are three things you can do to make your clients remember what you have shown them. 

That way, they can take action and you’ll close the deal in the process.

1. Tell Stories

Our human brain is wired to enjoy and appreciate stories. 

When you tell a story, your clients are much more likely to remember it. Think about it: you would probably remember nursery rhymes and fairy tales instead of what somebody told you when you were a little kid. 

Make sure you are weaving stories into your demos and presentations. People will remember and resonate with them, giving you a better chance of closing deals.

2. Visuals are Powerful

Do not sell in Discovery.

When you are discovering and you hear about your client’s problem, your first instinct would be to tell them that your product will solve it. Don’t do it. 

Instead, let your demo or presentation show them the right way to do it. Visuals are very impactful. People would be able to see and connect the solution they need to solve the problem. 

Use visuals to make sure that your prospects remember what you want them to remember. 

Show, don’t tell.

3.  Repeat What You Said

Make repetition a habit.

Tell your prospects what you are going to tell them, then tell them, and tell them what you told them.

Do it especially for the key points. These will stick with your prospects even after the presentation. They will treat that feature, solution, or benefit with greater importance and they’ll then know how it can solve their problem. 

Do it correctly, and the money will follow. 

And there you have it! Stories, visuals, and repetition are the key to getting your buyers to remember your key points. People tend to forget things, especially software demos and presentations. Follow these three ways, and your pitch will surely make a mark.

Now, go and close that deal. Make that demo unforgettable.