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No More Mr. Nice Guy

What would you do if you realized a prospect was doing things the wrong way?

Maybe they’re not aware of it, they just think it’s the way it’s done.

But you know better.

So how do you handle it?

SaaS founders fall into two categories.

One, those who just passively listen, nod, and might sometimes acknowledge the story, tolerating the whole thing even if it was a lie. In short, they are the nice guys.

But on the contrary, a tiny minority has the courage to curl up their eyebrows, see through the mistake, and correct it altogether. They react to the error.

This second person should be you.

You need to stop being the nice guy (or gal) and start showing your prospects how bad their situation really is. This is where you establish trust. 

Be honest, straightforward, and give them the solution.

And once you get them to realize that they’re in rough shape, they might even want your product before you ever show it to them.

The challenge, though, is how not to be a nice guy.

Easy. Watch this video to find out!