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SaaS of the Year Finalists

Xsellus SaaS of the Year Award

An Amazing List of Innovative and Smart Companies Who Owned 2021

Xsellus SaaS of the Year Award

2021 has been an incredible year for SaaS, and so many companies and leaders showed how to run a software business extremely well.

So narrowing down the list was challenging to say the least. But the panel has selected the finalists in each category and you’ll see they’re each very deserving. Without further ado, here are the Xsellus 2021 SaaS of the Year Finalists:

Best SaaS Targeting Small Businesses – Finalists

These are the best SaaS companies targeting small and medium businesses (SMBs).

Bizinta – Helping professional services companies with time keeping, expenses, budgeting, billing, and more.

eitje – A complete team platform for the hospitality industry to schedule, communicate, and onboard team members.

SaveTrees – Serving the recruitment industry with an off the shelf fully brandable timesheet system.

BreezeCHMS – Church management software also serving nonprofits.


Best SaaS Targeting Enterprises – Finalists

These are the best SaaS companies targeting enterprise sized companies and large organizations.

eStudy – A Training company offering customized learning through digital learning solutions.

Dataedo – Metadata management software that changes the way that organizations view data governance.

JOBJACK – Solving unemployment by not only automating the process for employers but by creating free access to relevant opportunities.

Quixy – A no-code platform that allows business users to create custom apps that are tailored to their workflows.


Most Innovative SaaS – Finalists

These are the SaaS companies that have shown incredible innovation over the course of 2021.

Zycada – Speeding up E-Commerce websites by eliminating latency that a shopper experiences.

StoryTagger – A video storytelling platform helping employees share tacit knowledge and develop key skills in the flow of work.

Planless – Uses intelligence to automatically plan for your team, leaving you more time to do the things you love.

IncentivePilot – Skyrockets revenue at enterprise sales organizations by automating gamified incentive programs that boost sales rep revenue.


Newcomer of the Year – Finalists

These are the best SaaS companies that started selling in 2021. – Live chat tool that brings the in-person sales experience to online websites helping increase conversion rates.

YOOI – Helping enterprises ensure their Data & Analytics investments deliver business value while controlling costs and associated risks.

Twigsee – A pre-school ERP system which digitizes paper administration and brings parents, teachers, and principals into the 21st century.

ApptHero – Serving massage therapists by answering their calls and texts while they are working with clients.


SaaS Leader of the Year – Finalists

These are the SaaS leaders who helped their organizations and teams achieve great things in 2021.

Billy Bateman – Founder, ChatFunnels

Matt Lentzner – CEO, Bizinta

Chet Lovegren – Director of Sales Development, Pavilion

Bel Martijena – CEO, Pocket Recruiter


Congratulations to all of the finalists for the 2021 SaaS of the Year Awards! Stay tuned to see who the winners will be (to be announced soon).

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