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Sales From Pop Culture

Sales From Pop Culture: Ratatouille

anyone can sell

An outstanding lesson for software founders,

can be learned from a French rat. ?

Sounds crazy? Let me explain:

I’m a HUGE Pixar fan. I love all of their movies.

And one of the best is Ratatouille, the story of Remy the Rat.

As many of you know, Remy learns at an early age that he loves to cook (something no other rats even think of doing).

And his hero, is Chef Gusteau – a famous chef, restauranteur, TV host, author, & more.

He was also modest despite being a world renowned chef.

In fact, Chef Gusteau’s famous line is: “?????? ??? ????.”

So while some people think that you need natural born talent to be able to cook well,

Gusteau always believed that with the right training, process, & guidance, anyone can do it.


So many software founders I meet think they don’t have natural born sales talent.

They’re a technical person, or a product person. And sales feels foreign to them.

Well guess what:

?????? ??? ????

With the right training, process, & guidance, you can get incredible results selling your product, regardless of your background or personality.

I have clients who went from $0 to $100k + in sales once they learned the right framework.

When you know the process, when you know the exact steps to take, it becomes easy.

So stop telling yourself you can’t do it.

And start getting the training, process, and guidance you need to close deals.

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