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Secrets From a Serial Salesperson That Will Help You Grow Insanely Fast – with Brandon Bornancin


In this episode, SaaS-Story in the Making host Matt Wolach sits down with Brandon Bornancin, a bestselling author and the CEO of Seamless.AI. This platform helps business owners maximize revenue sales by acquiring the total market instantly using artificial intelligence. 

A serial salesperson and a two-time, eight-figure entrepreneur, Brandon reveals his secrets on how he successfully navigated through his career, which has resulted in his bestselling books, helping his clients reach millions in sales. His mission is to impact billions of people in the world positively. 


Podcast: SaaS-Story in the Making

Episode: Episode No 173, The Millionaire Mindset: Secrets from a Serial Salesperson You Should Follow to Grow Insanely Fast

Host: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS sales coach, Entrepreneur, and Investor.

Guest: Brandon Bornancin, CEO and Founder of Seamless.AI


Build the Ultimate Mailing List 

The Secret to Selling Effectively

In sales, most people think what you sell is the most important thing. Brandon points out that it’s actually how you sell, and the only way to do it and acquire new customers is if you have your mailing list. “If you don’t have the list, you can’t sell to anyone,” he says. This is exactly what his company does. 

Seamless.AI finds phone numbers and emails from all over the world and automates your list building. With this platform, one of his clients went from zero to $500 million in valuation in less than 36 months-all because they were able to collect information on their target audience and sell their service directly to them. According to Brandon, the number one thing that will change your life forever is the list.

Apply the Seven-Figure Sales Math

The Secret to Getting the Pipeline Moving

Once you gather all the information to build your ultimate mailing list, the next step would be to generate that pipeline and get it active. Brandon shares a method he calls “The Seven-Figure Sales Math,” which entails having a seven-figure quota. 

Ensure that you’re doing double, triple, quadruple amounts of activity to crush that quota. “I think the math to figure out how many people you need to be selling to every day to crush your quota is the first step,” he says. But it doesn’t stop there-you must build your list every day. Be on the phone, dialing all the time, calling the people on your list. Do multi-channels like LinkedIn messaging and emailing.

Stick to a Niche

The Secret to Get Rich

“The last secret to all of that is you got to pick a niche to get rich,” Brandon says. For instance, if your SaaS company has 50 to 200 employees, pick that one niche versus any company in the world. Write your messaging about your target audience’s pain points, their biggest desires, your value proposition, and “the things that would light them up like the Fourth of July.” 

Matt agrees and shares that he has encountered many software founders asking for help because they were not getting anything done. And when he looks into their model, the problem is this: these founders sell to everyone. Matt points out that once you’ve picked your niche, you can develop your product directly towards your target customer. 

Live by these Four Core Values

The Secret to Maintaining a Million-Dollar Culture

“I think that the greatest secret for entrepreneurs is never be satisfied,” says Brandon, elaborating it into four core values that he preaches every day. Number one is to be positive with problems and challenges. This means that you must be able to find solutions and opportunities amid the bumps. 

Number two is to be coachable. Learn something from everyone. Learn from books, courses, masterminds, and experts. Number three is to work hard. Intelligence without action won’t take you far. Go all out, work harder, and make it happen. Number four, the last one, is to do whatever it takes to get the job done. 


The Mentality of Making a Positive Impact

A typical salesperson’s mindset is to simply close deals. But for Brandon, it took a change in his working environment to realize that the most powerful attitude to have is to positively impact other people’s lives. 

Shifting from IBM to Google, Brandon eventually developed a completely different mindset: give credit to your team,  assume responsibility for other’s failures, and change people’s lives. “For Google, I was like, dude, I’m going to help everyone. Instead of using this just myself, I’m going to give this tool to everyone in the world.”

The Mentality of a Servant Leader

Brandon delves deeper into becoming a servant leader and taking pleasure in improving people’s lives for the better. He considers this his mission, aiming to impact a billion people in the world. As a servant leader, Brandon shares another secret that took him to the top: stop competing. The only person you compete with is yourself. Matt, who also shares the same mentality, adds, “There are other SaaS coaches that I’m great friends with. Sometimes I send them business if it’s not perfect for me,” emphasizing that life is not a competition.

The Mentality of a ‘Gym Trainer’

“You have to be the tough gym trainer,” says Brandon. He further explains the analogy, saying, “Every time I go to the gym, I hate it. But my trainers are like, ‘I’m going to take you from where you’re at to where you want to go.'” This is the principle he applies during consultations with his clients. “I’m your trainer, and I’m going to get your sales in shape. You need to show them and push them to get rid of their limiting beliefs.” Going back to the first step, Brandon underscores, you must build that killer list, break down those limiting beliefs, and you can do anything.


Matt Wolach

[03:11]: “Necessity is the mother of invention. You experience pain. You needed to solve that problem. You didn’t have a good answer out there in the market. And so you went out and solved it.”

[11:28]” “Find a niche. Once you’ve picked that niche, your messaging can be direct to that person that resonates with them… It makes it so much easier when you pick [a] niche, and you really drive home.” 

[24:37]: “I’m a big believer that you must take charge in your sales interactions. If you are the salesperson, if you’re the founder selling, you must be the one leading the call. “

[32:49]: “To be able to help people and change their lives is much more valuable to me than all the things that I was able to acquire.”

Brandon Bornancin

[13:19]: “I think that the greatest secret for entrepreneurs is to never be satisfied.”

[14:43] “You do not know everything. The minute you think you know everything, you’re going to get your ass kicked by someone who believes they do not know everything.”

[15:03] “Hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

[20:27] “The only person you’re in competition with is yourself.”

[31:54]; “What will kind of create this unstoppable force is when you go all-in on changing people’s lives, and you just keep positively impacting people.”


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