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Should You Track All Leads or Only Qualified Leads

At some point in your life, you’ve most likely heard the phrase, “the more, the better.” It could have been said by your mother or wife while they were out grocery shopping. Others probably heard it from other business mentors who practice the abundance mindset in a software business.

Applying this to SaaS lead generation, however? Not such a good idea.

Don’t get me wrong. Having an abundance of closed deals will be super awesome for the bottom line of your SaaS, that’s for sure. Scaling, on the other hand, can go south very quickly if you just take every possible prospect out there.

Let’s go back to the grocery shopping scenario. When you buy vegetables, do you just grab the first thing you get and then head straight to the cashier? Most of you will check if you’re getting big carrots with no blemishes. Some will even look at the textureof the skin. The same goes for leads.

So what happens when you try to take all leads?

In this week’s sales tip, I discuss the disastrous consequences of the marketing team blindly getting as many leads as possible. There’s also the fact that it causes a ton of headaches for your sales team. I then highlight the crucial benefit of focusing on quality leads beyond getting a stellar conversation rate.

So if you want to make the most of your marketing and sales efforts, watch my video. Your salespeople will thank you for it. Your workforce will also find it easier to work on their marketing campaigns. Have fun getting those benefits while your close rate steadily skyrockets!