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How To Succeed as a Bootstrapped AI Startup with Tigran Nazaryan


Tigran Nazaryan, CEO and co-founder of, talks about how AI is transforming the website building industry with Matt Wolach, the host of SaaS-Story in the Making Podcast. He highlights the importance of focusing on just one goal and building the right team to succeed as a startup despite being bootstrapped.

Tigran emphasizes that automation is an excellent solution for creating websites, particularly WordPress, and shares how his platform can help save time by automating web customizations, accelerating building websites. He shares his take on startups risking a trial and error method, urging them to try to look for available solutions and approach leaders with broader experience in the field. 


Podcast: SaaS-Story in the Making

Episode: How to Succeed as a Bootstrapped AI Startup

Host: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS sales coach, Entrepreneur, and Investor.

Guest: Tigran Nazaryan, CEO and Co-Founder of 10Web.


Succeed with Bootstrapping

Many tech company owners and self-made leaders bootstrapped their way to success, but it’s not an easy route. It takes a mix of focus, confidence, and immense talent to sustain a startup, especially in today’s crowded market. So when Tigran and his team launched 10Web in October 2020, they spent their time prioritizing the most important things. He points out that trying to be everything at once is not the way, especially when you don’t have the money, time, and resources. Instead, Tigran notes that it’s better to set a goal, organize every internal process, and ensure the team members are on the same page in attaining that one aspiration– his key factors in building a successful bootstrap company.

Look for Available Solutions 

Trial and error is a gamble. Although this method can give you your desired solution in your business, sometimes, it’s not worth the move, especially if you’re a startup with limited resources. Tigran suggests that instead of risking it, try to look for available solutions and the most creative ones. Matt agrees that somebody has already done something similar to that trial and error move, so the smarter way would be to connect with them and learn from them. Then, have somebody you can rely on to guide you and set you off in the right direction. 

Focusing on Single Goal is Crucial 

Tigran further delves into the importance of keeping your eye on one goal and making everyone on the team follow the same path. If you’re a startup company, you likely plan on touching many fields of services instead of focusing on one thing you’re already good at. Matt stresses that it is vital to pick one goal you can aim for. Set one hierarchy goal for the whole team, and then each team member can make a sub-goal around their responsibilities. That way, it is easier to be aligned with the team, and everyone fully understands where they want to take their path.

Take Time to Get the Right People 

When startup companies are fast-growing, they sometimes make the mistake of hiring people abruptly in the team. Tigran reminds startups to take their time in having people join their teams. Then, think it through not just twice, but ten times, whether you want to go forward with that person or if he can solve a particular problem your company has. Matt seconds that, saying it’s critical to get the right people and not just take the first warm body you encounter.


AI Changes the Game of Web Building 

Tigran underscores how 10Web changes the game of website building forever, saying, “it removes the pain of spending a lot of time for routine manual tasks for creating and managing WordPress Websites. We are working on some other features, which will ease the work of web agencies and developers by saving their time, allowing them to focus on more creative stuff.”

Not only web developers and agencies can use his platform. Tigran adds, “For some tech-savvy people, it’s a great solution for creating websites,” noting that its base is not shared hosting, which he calls outdated. “What we have created it’s an automated platform. It [allows users to spend] less time on tuning on customizing web posting. A lot of smart decisions and customizations are automatically done under the hood.”

AI Empowers Businesses by Prioritizing Creativity

Tigran acknowledges that web developers usually spend several weeks creating and launching websites. They work on the development and the details, including choosing templates, getting prototypes, and coding. Tigran notes that it’s still manual work. With 10Web, “We want to ease that process. We see that people spend a lot of time on tasks that can be automated, and this is where AI is extremely good.”

Tigran further explains, “There are two types of areas: big data and simple but repetitive tasks. By cloning the behavior and algorithms that we use in our brain internally, we achieve our result.” He continues, ” We gather data and turn it into a fully functional WordPress website.” That way, businesses are left with more time to prioritize growth and creativity.

Automation is the Secret to Rising in a Crowded AI Market 

Tigran knows that web hosting is highly saturated in the market, but he points out that “there is a need for automation, and we think that this is what helps us grow. We see the great potential for that development. Automation.”

To rise above the dense market, Tigran says the team thought about their unique value, and it’s not about creating a lot of features but making something that the market truly needs. “We saw a great potential here for automation, and [this is the] value we can provide to the community of developers and agencies – by creating such a product.”


Tigran Nazaryan

[08:51] “I don’t think that without prioritization and focus, one can really bootstrap a company.”

[09:15] “It’s better to focus and set your goals and organize everything or every internal process. This is, I think, the key to building a successful bootstrap company.”

[17:34]  “If you have the right team, you have the right people, then you can make a good idea. You can turn a good idea into a great product.”

Matt Wolach

[04:32] “Automation is the name of the game. Just speed everything up.”

[09:45] “Just focusing on one goal is absolutely critical. It makes it so easy to be able to get in alignment as a team and fully understand where you have to go.”


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