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Sales Tips

The 3 Most Important Skills in Sales

What do people think of when they imagine a software salesperson? Usually, they see the image of a talkative individual who keeps going on and on about all the features of whatever SaaS product they sell, regardless of whether the other party’s eyes are already glazed over. Two words. Bad sales.

Sadly, many people still think of the stereotypically pushy salesperson whenever they hear the word sales. They quickly start to feel revulsion, instantly becoming wary of whatever you’ll say next, thinking you’re about to sell something despite their disinterest.

I have been doing a lot to restore the software sales reputation by campaigning against bad sales tactics. The less pushy SaaS sales leaders there are, the faster the stigma against sales will fade. But more than that, the most important sales techniques are actually value-oriented rather than some technical skill.

In this sales tip, I will share the three most important sales skills you will likely already have and how you should use them. I will also disprove a few misconceptions about sales so that you don’t have to learn the hard way during your discovery or demos.

So watch my video if you want to save your conversion rate and sales perception. Not only will you become adept at making sales, but you will also become a good person in improving your net worth and relationships with your network!