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The Most Insane Quick Sales Tip to Close More Deals

Many software leaders ask me: “What’s one closing line I can say that will get the deal done?”

Actually, the thinking is off. There isn’t one perfect line that closes deals.

If you haven’t done everything right leading up to the end of the call, there’s nothing you can say that will close a deal.

But, if you’ve done it all correctly, and the buyer just needs to get past their own thinking that is blocking their decision making, there is one awesome question I like to ask that closes deals consistently.

In this week’s sales tip, I reveal that one insane question that makes your prospects sign up with you immediately. 

So if you want to achieve a win during your next demo, make sure that you apply the sales strategies mentioned in the video. 

Also, prepare to enjoy an onslaught of victory and become a conversion grandmaster in the SaaS industry!