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The Sales Follow-up Process That Doubles Close Rates

For a lot of sales leaders out there, their sales process can be summed up in three moves. It all starts with good old prospecting, where ideally, they get some responses. They then head on to do discovery with some of the leads to check if they are the right fit. After that, they finally deliver the finale, which is the much-awaited demo call.

What comes next, you may ask? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. End of the story. The sales team starts hoping for the best, thinking they’ve done everything for that particular prospect. They then move on to the next person on the list of potential customers. This is different from how you wrap up a SaaS sales process.

Imagine if this was dating and you met someone who caught your interest. You had a nice first date where you got to know each other and learned they were exactly your type. Now imagine after that awesome date, you just stop texting them. You’re just sitting there staring at your phone, hoping they will reach out to you again. You wonder if they truly liked the dinner and if they will commit to you or not. You sit there contemplating when all you needed to do was send them a quick message. The same can be applied to sales.

Following up after the software demo is perhaps the most underutilized tool in sales, and watching this video will answer all of your questions regarding SaaS sales follow-ups. 

Discover how often you need to follow up and the exact steps you need to take to keep your client invested in you. Watch this video and begin to see a boost in your closing rate!