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Video: Find a Way to Say Yes

This little change will have you closing more deals.

I want to talk today about a simple psychological trick that will prevent your prospects from being disappointed. You see, if your prospects get to this point, the point where they are willing to spend some time with you on a call, they are committed on some level to solving their pain and/or reaching their goals.

But more than that, they are HOPING that you and your product are going to be that solution.

Think about that: they WANT your demo to work out for them. That way they can get better and achieve all those benefits your marketing said they could achieve.

But when you answer a question they throw at you with a straight “NO”, they’ll have a feeling of disappointment.

That’s not good.

Instead, use a tip I learned in my hospitality days way back: always find a way to say “YES”. That doesn’t mean lie. If they ask a specific question about something you cannot do, never lie – that gets you in some future trouble for sure.

But rather give them an alternative that is close and could potentially solve their problem in a different way.

So if they ask: “Will the system automatically merge duplicate entries?” Respond with, “Well it doesn’t do it quite that way but what it will do is alert you to duplicates and allows you to merge them with just 2 clicks, and that prevents non-duplicates from getting falsely merged.”

If you just said “NO” – they’ll leave that section of the conversation disappointed and that negativity will be logged in their brain.

However, if you pivot and end on a “YES”, and that’s critical, make the “YES” the second part so that’s the lasting impression in their brain, then they’ll come out of that sub-conversation feeling great about what your product can do for them.

They won’t remember all of your conversation, so it’s important to get them to remember strong positive emotions.

Remember: keep them feeling good about your system, and get deals closed quicker and more often.

Thanks, and go get em.