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VIDEOCAST: How to Level up Your Life and Career – with Eric Siu


Eric talks with Matt Wolach, host of SaaS-Story in the Making podcast, about mastering the game of life and the ultimate game of business. While broadening on the tactics that could be applied to revive a failing company, he discussed novel business strategies, the rudiments of an SEO Strategy as well as marketing mistakes startups and early-stage businesses should avoid.


PODCAST: SaaS-Story In The Making

EPISODE: How to Level up Your Life and Career

HOST: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS sales coach, entrepreneur, and investor

GUEST: Eric Siu, CEO of ClickFlow and author of the upcoming book “Leveling Up: How to Master the Game of Life.”


Think and act like you are in the next level

Levelling up start’s in the mind. It is being in the future; being where you want to be while you are still trying to be there.  With Leveling Up, you cannot build castles in the air but, as Eric puts it, “you can fake it till you make it.”

Having the mindset that you have levelled-up helps you fit easily and seamlessly into the imagined business role in actuality. The levelled-up mindset somewhat familiarizes you with being at the top thus helping you cushion the “blow” of being at the top.

Growth is not necessarily linear

Consistency and persistence are needed in the game of business. Although there are stories of businesses that reached extraordinary feats in record time, growth takes time. Eric advocates slow steady growth that is achieved by compounding efforts overtime over fast viral growth. To Eric, compounding over time and not stopping is the fuel growth needs.

Optimize for Learning

Start-ups and Early Stage businesses should move away from the realm of measuring growth with key performance Indicators that focuses on quantitative data like the number of downloads and adopt key performance indicators that focus on qualitative data such as optimizing for learning.

Eric believes that optimizing for learning backed up by the right amount of engagements and networking plus leveraging on relationships would ultimately drive a business towards growth.


Learn to play business the poker way

Games open up an individual to a wealth of virtues that could be incorporated to mould a person’s business character for good. Games, poker especially, “tests a person’s mental strength and resilience. Games also teach teamwork and communication, finding the best team to get things done, tolerating and leveraging on adversity, using critique as fuel, as well as exploiting opportunities.” An individual needs these qualities meshed into their core to succeed in business.

Uni-directionality is key

“Because there is so much new stuff coming out all the time, it is very easy to be pulled in different directions.” “When you are starting, it is very important to focus on one channel and let it be your foundation before branching out.”

Network at scale

“People crave and are still craving relationships. Leverage and relationships are the names of the game and it will continue to be that way.” Connecting, reconnecting, and engaging people are ways to build leverage to build an audience.

The best SEO strategy

“The two most important things in 2021 are still traffic and links. There are over a billion blogs in the world and it is getting more competitive in search engine results. A lot of people would optimize for keywords but they do not optimize for titles and Meta descriptions. If you are searching for something and you see a great title, you are more likely to click on it. People should also monitor if they are losing traffic on their key content.”


[4:54] “You could play your best game and still lose.”

[7:05] ”You can fake it till you make it.”

[13:47] ”If you think like an investor if you think you are putting out the good stuff, if you are learning, you would be ahead.”

[14:17] ”It is important to reframe your mindset into optimizing for the right KPI.”

[18:00] ”The best way to stand out in the competitive search engine results is to optimize for title and Meta descriptions.”

[22:25] ”Focus on one channel before branching out.”


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