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Why Security Around Your Development is Critical with Brittany Greenfield


We had Brittany Greenfield, CEO and Founder of Wabbi, tackle cybersecurity and its importance in the digital world with Matt Wolach, the host of Saas-Story in the Making.

Brittany highlights the importance of cybersecurity in a SaaS startup’s development cycle, and how you and your team are vulnerable to various attacks. She also talks about how she grew her business to what it is today.


Podcast: SaaS-Story in the Making

Episode: Why Security Around Your Development is Critical

Host: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS Sales Coach, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Guest: Brittany Greenfield, CEO and Founder of Wabbi


Know Your Priorities

Brittany advises software founders to understand the importance of security in their daily lives. Remember that you’ve spent a lot of money on the marketing, the development of your product, and the people involved.

There’s no way you should skimp out on the security of your company, because it’s actually the most important part of your business. Brittany stresses on this as she talks about how everyone needs cybersecurity in work and in life.

Big or Small, Everyone’s Vulnerable

No matter how small or large your software company is, we’re all vulnerable from attacks. Even individuals get targeted too. Brittany speaks about this that every SaaS company from every echelon should be aware of the risks.

Hackers wouldn’t discriminate as long as they find your data valuable, and they will stop at nothing to get to you. That’s why as people in the industry, we must find a way to protect our data to avoid this problem.


Trust the Process

“Process is so important, you know. We always are taught in everything we do. It starts with people, process, and then tools. We are really focused on how we support the process and automation so people can do their jobs better.”

Brittany’s input here that it is vital to build a reliable process to help the people using it in a way that benefits everyone – it eases everyone’s workflow, decreases confusion, and really helps to build a smooth working experience inside the organization to achieve maximum efficiency.

Security is a Priority

Brittany said, “As I got further into the industry, I realized enterprises were essentially installing the equivalent of an ADT system, but not making sure they’re front door locked, and that’s where application security as part of the element comes into play. Does my front door lock? Is it even the right kind of lock?”

As our guest says, it’s very important to realize that security should be put first as in the old adage “safety first.” Not just that, but also considering if one is employing the right kind of security option for the situation.

If You Use the Internet, You’re at Risk

“Everybody should be thinking about [security]. Our sweet spot happens to deal with a little bit of scaling in the organization. I call it the over-the-wall problem, somebody can’t just shout over the wall and say ‘Hey Matt, can I ship this code? Is it secure?’ That’s when they start to need us, and everybody should be thinking about it.”

Everyone on the internet is at risk. Even if you’re just surfing the net or you’re doing business online, you’re just as vulnerable as the other. The thing is, your software company has data to protect and it’s up to you to take the leap to cybersecurity.



[02:28] “Process is so important, you know. We always are taught in everything we do.”

[05:04] “Even if you are a 5-person team, you need to be thinking how security plays a role in your software definition and overall development life cycle.”

[11:15] “You just spent a lot of money to do what your DevOps transformation is, you need to treat security the same way.”


[10:18] “You gotta figure out post-mortem what happened and move on.”

[13:21] “Go out and talk with your market because what you’re thinking of might be completely different from what they need.”


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