Want to Motivate Your Sales Team? Play Games

I was a guest on the Sales Games Podcast and shared one of my favorite sales team games

When Sales Games Podcast host Andrew Phelps asked me to come on the show and talk about my favorite sales team game, I immediately thought of poker.

I love poker, it’s a fun and tense/exciting game.

But in this sense I’m talking about playing poker as a sales team. It’s a fantastic way to motivate the squad and get them to sell past their goals.

It also works great for the entire team, not just the sales reps. SDRs, admins, even supervisors and managers can play.

It’s quite simple: for each role on the team, decide a small goal. It could be a sale, or a few sales depending on how big your deal sizes are.

For SDRs it could be a booked meeting, something that you want to incentivize.

Then every time someone hits the mark, they get a playing card. Throughout the month, the team accumulates these cards.

At the end of the month, everyone shows their hand, and the one with the best poker hand wins!

So it’s important to collect as many cards (i.e. reach as many milestones) as possible so your hand has the best chance of winning.

The winner should get something fun like a gift card for $100 or so. It doesn’t have to be too big to get people going.

These are salespeople, the competition alone will drive them.

Check out the episode for more tips on how to do this successfully. I even threw in some other tidbits that will help.

Best of luck getting that Royal Flush!

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