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What is an ICP?

Did you know that some software leaders don’t know what an ICP is? How how does it differ from a buyer persona? People usually interchange ICP, buyer persona, and user persona.

You might say, “Matt, does it matter? They’re all practically the same. You research the same thing. The usual client pain points, client goals, and whatnot.” 

It’s a MUST to truly understand what each represents because they sometimes profile different traits. And you know what this means? Different CORRECT sales strategies must be applied for each profile to succeed.

Now, how will you even select the right sales strategy if you need the correct user profile, buyer profile, and client profile in the first place?

Don’t worry! I’ll tell you clearly and simply what each of these categorizations represents. Watch this video to ensure you’re on the right path so you can steadily trek your journey of scaling!