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What is The Perfect DEAL Process?

The Perfect DEAL Process Software Sales Formula

A framework for selling software that makes closing deals easier and quicker. But what is it?

When I first got into software with my first SaaS startup, I thought I knew how to sell. I had some success in other industries so I figured now that we built this new, amazing product, it would be a breeze.


I was horrible. Nothing worked early, and I struggled mightily trying to sell our product.

I didn’t take the hits lying down though. I went to work: studying all I could about sales, watching training videos, reading books, the works.

But still our numbers were paltry and we weren’t going to make it if I couldn’t find out how to sell our solution.

But there was no process out there for selling software at scale.

So I created it.

That’s how The Perfect DEAL Process was born.

I realized that selling software was different than selling anything else. Thus, those books and videos didn’t help much.

Once I created and implemented The Perfect DEAL Process we took off. We started closing more deals, for more money, and with shorter sales cycles.

But then came the challenge of scaling – could I hire a sales rep and would they be able to do as well?


The process was so well structured that the new rep was able to come in, learn it, and apply it quickly and easily. I had found a process that was repeatable and scalable.


We took off. We won awards, investors started coming to us, and we were on our way to a terrific exit in a few years.

So how does the process work? Namely, what do the “DEAL” letters mean?

Check the video above from when I was a guest on What’s Your Ask? with Stephanie Sims. I break it all down there and make it easy to understand.

But essentially here are the pieces that make up the simple formula that makes it easy to sell SaaS:

D is for Discover

Step 1 is Discovery. One of the most important parts of the entire sale, and something that is not done well far too often. It is critical to be able to learn your prospects’ pain and goals. Really understand their situation and where they’re looking to go.

Through this process, when done well, you can expertly get your prospects into a very emotional state, one that gets them feeling the NEED to take action and solve their pain.

E is for Educate

Quite often missed entirely is the need to educate your buyers. They must not only learn about you and your product, but when we say “Educate” we’re referring to the power of teaching. If you can show them something about their industry, a trend or movement perhaps, that they were otherwise previously unaware, they will trust you and have confidence in you and your expertise.

Thus, they’ll look up to you as someone they can believe in.

A is for Associate

Once you’ve discovered the key issues to your buyer, and you’ve educated them a bit, it’s time to now associate your solution to their situation. If you can directly tie your product to their pain, and show how you can solve their problem, they will be on pins and needles begging you to let them buy it.

Associate is a very powerful stage that leads to closed deals in great number.

L is for Lead

Throughout the entire buyer journey, especially on the sales calls, and most especially at the end of the demo, you MUST lead. You must take control of the conversation and the process so that the buyer feels comfortable and confident in your abilities.

When you lead well, they follow. So lead them right to the close.

So that’s it, The Perfect DEAL Process. When you can learn exactly how to Discover, Educate, Associate, and Lead, and do so with confidence, your close numbers will improve, usually drastically.

Just look at those who have tried it. The results speak for themselves.

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