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Why Cooler Heads Prevail

cooler heads prevail

Ways to Persevere in the Heat of the Moment


I live in Arizona, where it is usually warm and sunny all year round. The upside is that the winters are perfect, which clocks in at about 70°F every day.

Summer is another story. For me, it’s like living in the sun, and it can feel unbearable at times. Sometimes I feel cranky and impatient to the point that I would (literally) reach my boiling point. You can’t afford to feel that way elsewhere, though.

In sales, keeping yourself calm is essential. Losing your cool is the last thing you want to have happened, especially if your prospect keeps raising objections. Apart from that, not everyone is patient and level-headed enough to handle this kind of situation. What do you do, then? 

Here are three ways to calm yourself down should you find yourself in this kind of predicament. That way, your prospects don’t give up on you because you gave in to the pressure.

1) Know that your prospects need you

Make sure you have confidence in your product and recognize that it will serve your prospects well. You need to realize that they need you and not the other way around. Once you have that mindset, you will be able to help them easier, especially when things get rough between you and your prospect.

2) Set up Systems & Processes 

By having strong systems and processes already in place beforehand, you would be able to rely on those when it matters the most. Ensure that you understand your prospect’s objections by outlining them and knowing how to overcome them. You also need to influence your prospects based on what they are saying and determine how you can convince them even amid a heated discussion.

3) Practice, Practice, Practice

Aristotle once said that “you are what you do repeatedly.” The same idea applies to sales and other things in life. The more you practice, the more confident you will be. That includes knowing what needs to be said and when to say it if the situation gets tough. It won’t happen overnight, so repetition is vital.

In Summary

Keeping your cool consistently isn’t as easy as you think. Everyone has a breaking point and reaching it comes with bad consequences. Don’t risk yourself losing a client, all because you lost your cool. Instead, make sure to remember that your prospects need you, set up systems and processes, and practice as much as you can. Do these, and you will be fine the rest of the way.