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Why Product Led Growth Doesn’t Work

Why Product Led Growth Doesn't Work

In today’s business landscape, it sounds like an easy job to develop a product to the best it can be and let it do all the “selling.” This way, you are relying on the product’s performance and features rather than boosting your sales process. 

It is a business strategy called Product-Led Growth, which puts the software at the center of the buying journey and customer experience. 

There are many successful product-led companies. They can automate their process where clients come in, try out a free trial, and eventually hit purchase. These businesses let the product do the selling. 

Offering free access for a limited time implies the software itself will persuade prospects to turn into paying customers. 

However, while it sounds inspiring, these companies did not start this way. Here’s why product-led growth can be an unrealistic move for startups and what should be done instead. Watch now!