Software Sales Tips by Matt Wolach

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Why Selling Your SaaS Doesn’t Work

Generating loads of value is ingrained in us as SaaS founders. We naturally want to create amazing software solutions that help our target customers and truly make a difference in society. To achieve this, we need to spread the word about our SaaS. But this is easier said than done. And you can do this without actually selling. 

Getting software sales can definitely be challenging, especially when you don’t have the correct formulas in place. You know this is the case for a company once you witness their sales reps do ‘hard selling’ on the initial conversation. Keep in mind that discovery should be the first call.

Software salespeople are most likely just doing their best at their jobs whenever they hard sell. However, it’s actually a misguided attempt, as pushing prospects too much can be a turn-off for your entire sales motion. Instead of chasing, let your prospects come to you after giving unconditional goodwill.

This sales tip will teach you how to create that spark with your lead and keep them attracted to your product until your massive exit. You will also understand precisely how to sell SaaS without actually selling and why this simple trick works. The key is to remember that people like sincerity.

Begin to see sales in a different light and watch your investors brighten up because of your growing valuation. Remember, deals should never be exploitative. Effortlessly sell SaaS the right way, and you will see your closing rate knock on heaven’s door.