Why your leads go cold

Why Your SaaS Leads Go Cold

Why do SaaS leads go cold? 

After the demo (which went great), they never get back to you. 

And you can’t reach them. And they’re not responding to emails, which is very frustrating. 

Well, one of my clients just asked me about this exact scenario and wondered why it was happening to them. 

They see it happening over and over. 

What we did is we dove in and started to figure out what their process was, what they were doing, and we realized exactly what was going wrong. 

In fact, it’s what happens almost every time when your prospects go cold. 

And really what it is, is it’s you missed part of the process. 

Specifically the D and the L in the Perfect DEAL Process.

Watch this video to find out why the leads go cold and how you can prevent it.

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