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How To Stay Cool Under Fire


So, what do you do if things start to get heated in your sales conversation and your prospects are raising objections?

You start to feel a little hot.

But the key to handle this situation with grace lies in staying cool under fire.

In this video, I’ve narrowed down three tips to retain your composure while your clients are firing away questions here and there.

And I did it under the heat of the Arizona sun.

But the most important thing, I would say, is knowing that your prospects need your product.

Ensure that you understand the objections that could come up, outline all of them, and be prepared to overcome these objections. 

How you handle these scenarios is crucial to getting your prospects to convert and sign up for your software solution. 

Maybe walking away from the Sun is the better idea. Eeech!

Watch to find out how you can stay cool under fire.

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