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Leading the Witness in SaaS

There’s one thing we can learn from another industry that we can use in the world of SaaS, it’s the way lawyers lead the witness.

I know sometimes people make fun of attorneys because of what they do. 

However, their methods with witnesses are very similar to how we lead the prospects into the buying decision through the sales process. 

And that’s by getting them to say what we want them to say, what we need them to realize by saying it.

When people are buying software, they often gravitate towards their current situation – the status quo. That’s the reason why they are hesitant to buy – because they feel like they don’t need the solution you’re offering and are better off solving the problem on their own.

So as a salesperson, you have to act like a lawyer, make them realize the intensity of their situation, and lead your prospects to sign up for your software. 

Watch this video to find out how.