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The Demo is More Than the Demo


A few years ago, a client of mine said it best: “Matt, you’ve taught me that the demo is so much more than the demo.”

Sounds weird, but it’ll make sense once you see this video.

As a SaaS sales coach, the topic of demos is simply one of those things permanently etched in my sales process and SaaS career. You will NOT believe how many times I’ve been asked about demos. Let alone the variety of questions that come with it!

For almost every client consultation, there will always be a portion dedicated just to demos. You know how they say that the line-up of keywords periodically changes for SEO? Yes, “demo” is going to be a forever search word.

This is why it’s simply crazy how despite demos being such a hot topic among software salespeople, SaaS founders, and entrepreneurs alike, many in business do not even understand the essence of a demo. 

How do you know that someone doesn’t understand it? When you think demos are training.

In this week’s video, I discuss why demos are more than a mandatory tutorial, unwanted spoiler, or glorified walkthrough software companies do for their products. I demonstrate my point by revealing the crucial components of a demo. For anyone who wants a hint, “D.E.A.L.”

So if you genuinely want to succeed with all of your software demos or if you simply want to confirm if you’re one of the elite individuals– lucky and with lots of fortune because of their huge close rate– click on this video. And if you find out that you’re not one of those in the know yet… Well, you’re one of them now.