Why Your Sales Process Sucks

Why Your Sales Process Sucks

It’s kind of a funny thing, but the companies with the best software products, usually have the worst sales processes.

You might be thinking, “Matt, I know someone who has to cut down on sales because their product is so good. They don’t even have to get out there and find leads. The stars aligned for some people so that they never have to struggle to close in their lifetime.”

Well, guess what? Those very same people end up on a client call with me. I’m not kidding. People who find success early tend to have many areas for improvement in their sales process. Why? It’s precisely because they have yet to struggle!

They never had to have a great process before, so they never perfected it.

The problem comes when someone catches up product-wise, and their sales process is better.

Watch out for that!

In this week’s sales tip, I will tell you why those who enjoy product-led growth early fall behind the runners-up. I will also tell you how to never end up in that situation, and if you already are, you will learn precisely how to get out of it. In fact, it’s pretty simple, actually!

Watch my video so that the trajectory of your sales will remain upwards! And if you want to bring the revenue of your SaaS even higher than it already is, feel free to get my Software Demo Secrets to execute killer demos that prospects will find themselves unable to resist.

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