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How to Maintain Consistent and Terrific Customer Support – With Daniel Viduya


How you treat and interact with your customers greatly affects your software company’s image and reputation. In many ways, your customer support team is the face of your company. If you’re serious about growing your business, you must dedicate time, effort, and attention to customer service.

Vice President of Growth at SupportZebra, Daniel Viduya, explains customer support’s importance. He also shares with Host and B2B SaaS Sales Coach Matt Wolach about outsourcing, what metrics to look at, and how to manage a support team.


Podcast: Scale Your SaaS

Episode: Episode No. 253, “How to Maintain Consistent and Terrific Customer Support – With Daniel Viduya”

Host: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS Sales Coach, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Guest: Daniel Viduya, Vice President of Growth at Support Zebra


Build Your Team

No matter how well you’ve designed your SaaS, your customers will still have questions. This is why having a support team is beneficial. Your company’s values give you the basis for developing your customer service philosophy, and your entire customer support team needs to be on the same page. This team is an invaluable resource for your product and engineering teams to know what customers love, what they need, and how you can improve it. How your team interacts with your customers will define your business reputation, so you have to train your team on how to really focus on your customers.

Know When to Outsource 

Outsourcing can be the key to propelling your SaaS startup forward faster and more effectively. It’s important to know when it’s time to outsource. If you and your team lack something, you could always outsource – get help from experts in areas you’re not familiar with. It’s time to outsource when you’re growing fast or when you need to shift your focus on critical issues. Find capable partners who share the same values as your company. 

Check Your Metrics

You’ll need to evaluate several customer metrics to get a clear picture of your company’s performance. You have to know and measure your customers’ temperament to understand their opinions and thoughts about your business. Track your customer retention rate and pay attention to customer satisfaction. Understanding how your customers feel about your product or service is the only way to deliver the best possible experience to every user.


The Importance of Customer Support

It doesn’t really matter how great your software product or service is. If you don’t have good customer support, attracting and retaining customers will be nearly impossible. Having a well-trained customer support team helps you retain customers and generate referrals. Your company’s image and reputation are about how good your product or service is and how well you treat your customers. 

Above & Beyond Customer Service

Your efforts should be dedicated to improving customer value. Your support team must not only meet the initial needs of your customers but surpass their expectations. Creating a good and memorable customer experience will help your business to move forward.


Daniel Viduya

[09:01] “Outsourcing companies would have dedicated teams that would be able to support that growing team”

[13:20] “When you treat your customers right, growth will come naturally.”

[23:00] “Are you doing right by your customers by binding yourself to this policy? By binding yourself to this policy? If not, you might want to revisit that.”

Matt Wolach

 [00:11] “We talk a lot about growth on this show. But something that’s often overlooked is one of the most important impacts on growth. And that’s your customer support and the experience you create for your customers after the sale.”

[05:05] “Hard work, persistence, and vision – when you put those together, they can do some great things.” 


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