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How to Quickly Earn Your Buyer’s Trust – with Liam Patterson


In this week’s episode of Scale Your SaaS with host and B2B SaaS Sales Coach Matt Wolach, we will delve into CEO and Founder Liam Patterson’s success, discussing the growth journey of Bidamic, a company specializing in Google Shopping. 

From securing investment and expanding the team to launching innovative software products, Bidnamic has experienced significant growth. Let’s explore the tips and strategies shared by Liam on how they built trust, marketed their services, and established a strong foothold in the market.


Podcast: Scale Your SaaS with Matt Wolach

Episode: Episode No. 267, “How to Quickly Earn Your Buyer’s Trust – with Liam Patterson”

Host: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS sales coach, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Guest: Liam Patterson, CEO and Founder of Bidnamic


Scratching Our Own Itch: The Genesis of Bidnamic

Liam shares a fascinating story of how Bidnamic came to be. Initially, they built their own print-on-demand e-commerce marketplace, which led them to rely heavily on Google Shopping for exposure. They faced challenges in managing many designs and allocating advertising funds effectively. However, their expertise in software development and unique approach to e-commerce positioned them to develop their own technology. This accidental discovery paved the way for Bidnamic to offer marketing technology for Google Shopping, ultimately transitioning the company’s core focus.

Building Trust and Conveying Success

Building trust with potential buyers was crucial for Bidnamic in its early days. Liam highlights the power of transparency and case studies in establishing credibility. They adopted a refreshingly transparent approach, providing detailed case studies that showcased accurate metrics and growth achieved by their clients. By openly sharing success stories, revenue growth percentages, and testimonials from satisfied customers, Bidnamic effectively communicated the value of its services. Additionally, the company’s participation in industry events and trade shows provided an opportunity to bring clients along, letting them share their positive experiences firsthand.

Harnessing the Power of Customer Testimonials

Liam emphasizes the importance of building trust in the buyer’s decision-making process. By leveraging customer testimonials, Bidnamic could highlight its services’ positive impact on clients. Whether through panels, conferences, or trade show booths, having satisfied customers publicly advocate for their products created a powerful marketing tool. Prospects could see and hear how Bidnamic had helped others succeed, adding credibility and building trust.

Vertical Expertise and Targeted Messaging

Bidnamic’s focus on a single vertical, Google Shopping, allowed them to become masters in their field. This specialization created a cut-through in their messaging and made them visible at trade shows and industry events. Prospective clients recognized Bidnamic’s expertise and approached them, driven by a shared frustration with Google Shopping challenges. By positioning themselves as the solution to a common headache, Bidnamic attracted clients actively seeking a better approach to Google Shopping.


From Accidental Discovery to Specialization

One of the most intriguing aspects of Bidnamic’s journey is its accidental discovery of a technology gap in the Google Shopping market. While running their own print-on-demand e-commerce marketplace, they faced challenges managing designs and allocating advertising funds effectively. This prompted them to develop their own marketing technology for Google Shopping. This accidental discovery led to a strategic shift in their business focus, allowing them to specialize in providing innovative solutions for Google Shopping advertisers.

Transparency and Building Trust

Building trust with potential clients was crucial in Bidnamic’s growth. Liam emphasized the power of transparency and shared how they used detailed case studies to convey their success. By openly sharing accurate metrics, revenue growth percentages, and testimonials from satisfied clients, Bidnamic established credibility and effectively communicated the value of its services. This approach built trust and showcased their commitment to transparency and customer success.

Leveraging Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials proved to be a powerful marketing tool for Bidnamic. Liam highlighted the impact of satisfied clients advocating for their products at industry events and trade shows. These testimonials provided prospective clients with tangible proof of Bidnamic’s ability to deliver results. By showcasing how their services had positively impacted other businesses, Bidnamic successfully attracted new clients and built trust through the voice of their satisfied customers.

Vertical Expertise and Targeted Messaging

Bidnamic’s specialization in Google Shopping allowed them to establish themselves as industry experts. Focusing solely on this vertical, they became masters in their field and created a distinct competitive advantage. Their targeted messaging, centered around solving common challenges faced by Google Shopping advertisers, resonated with prospects who were actively seeking solutions. This strategic positioning enabled Bidnamic to attract clients who recognized their expertise and sought a more practical approach to Google Shopping.


Liam Patterson

[14:15] “So first of all, we’re fortunate we’re so vertical, that all we do is Google Shopping, you know, Google Shopping ads, we’re not trying to do different channels, different types of ads different you know, when we’re masters of one vertical, so I often say that creates cut through and it cuts creates cut through in our messaging and also very visible at trade shows because people walk past no interest at all, or they’re like, oh, Google Shopping, like, that’s been a headache.”

[19:24] “We can only control one part of the funnel, but there is another part.”

Matt Wolach

[11:55] “And and you’re absolutely right, the old way of doing things was you can’t show who your customers are, you can’t put your customer list out there. And I was taught that in my early days, you can never don’t do that. But actually, guess what your competitors, they’re not going to work hard enough to go find those and go through everybody.”


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