Never Sell During Discovery

Never Sell During Discovery

Jumping the gun to get to the demo when you should be focusing on discovery is a common problem.

The first step to an effective sales process is knowing how you can help your prospect. 

It would help if you took the time to ask open-ended questions that allow a prospect to share critical details of their needs.

Think of it like relationships.

The more you understand about the other person, or the buyer in this scenario  – their challenges, opportunities, concerns, budgets and its sign-off process, the business needs, timeframes, personal motivation, the business drivers (the customer pain), the power base within the organization, your competition, and more – the better you can develop a compelling solution that creates value.

With a listening attitude, you set the stage for probing questions and take the discovery to a deeper level.

So watch this video and learn to never sell in discovery.

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