The 3 Best Discovery Questions

When people think of discovery, they believe it’s just the getting-to-know stage of the sales process to see if the deal would work out or not. They imagine a ton of questions and answers where both parties check to see if the “relationship” is worth it. 

But in reality, it’s so much more than just the first date of your product and the prospect.

Discovery calls are still a part of the sales process, even if they’re about asking qualifying questions. This means that you should always be in the mindset of taking all the necessary steps to promote the brand. It’s an absolute must that the prospect leaves the call with a great impression of the business and your expertise, whether they head to onboarding or not.

And so, we bring to you the top discovery questions you should be asking your customers so that both parties can extract the most value out of the call.

In this video, I will reveal the most common question people fail to ask early on, only to have to ask it in the end. I will teach you a simple trick you can start applying to both that shows you are personally invested in the client and establish yourself as an expert in the industry. 

I also demonstrate how to emotionally trigger your prospect to intensely crave your company and madly desire your solutions. Watch to learn how to discover if you’re a match made in heaven and pull out a fantastic discovery call!

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