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Your New Growth Mantra: Follow the Customer – with Jon Darbyshire


In the software world, we often find ourselves grappling with a multitude of decisions. Should we take this path or that one? But what if there was a way to consistently make the right decisions? Enter Jon Darbyshire, Co-Founder, and CEO of SmartSuite. SmartSuite is a platform that streamlines business processes and workflow automation. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jon to discuss the secrets behind their rapid growth and his powerful mantra: “Follow the Customer”. 

Jon takes us on a journey through his meticulous process of deciphering precisely what the market craves and what will resonate with them. He shares insights into how to create products that customers will adore and how to market them effectively with Host and B2B SaaS Sales Coach, Matt Wolach. 


Podcast: Scale Your SaaS with Matt Wolach

Episode: Episode No. 278, “Your New Growth Mantra: Follow the Customer – with Jon Darbyshire”

Host: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS sales coach, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Guest: Jon Darbyshire, Co-Founder & CEO at SmartSuite


Follow the Customer: Understanding Needs Through Active Engagement

Jon emphasizes the importance of understanding your customers’ needs by actively engaging with them. This customer-centric approach can lead to product improvements and increased customer satisfaction. Spending time with customers and gathering feedback firsthand gives you a better understanding of market demands. 

One of the key takeaways from Jon’s approach is the emphasis on investing time in face-to-face interactions, surveys, and feedback collection mechanisms. By doing so, software companies can gain deep insights into customer pain points, desires, and preferences. 

Leverage AI for Content Creation: Boosting Efficiency and Productivity

Jon shared that SmartSuite has embraced the power of AI to revolutionize content creation. AI users can generate content more efficiently than ever before. This technology is capable of producing high-quality written material based on specific criteria such as keywords, tone, audience, and language preferences. 

This not only saves time but also ensures consistency and relevancy in content production. This shift allows SaaS businesses to produce content at scale, maintain a consistent brand voice, and engage with their audience effectively across various platforms. 

Utilize AI for Data Analytics: Transforming Data into Insights

The utilization of AI for data analytics is another critical aspect of Jon’s strategy. This integration empowers users to unlock the full potential of their data, turning it into actionable insights. 

Understanding how your customers interact with your software or services is essential. AI-driven analytics can provide a granular view of customer behavior, helping you pinpoint areas for improvement and customization. This information is invaluable for tailoring your offerings to meet customer expectations. 


Influencer Partnerships: Leveraging Industry Experts

Jon shared their approach to influencer partnerships and how it has been a game changer for his marketing strategy. Instead of reaching out to just any influencer, Jon states you should take a more strategic approach and identify influencers who are already experts in their competitors’ products.

The outcome of this approach was the creation of a group of influential advocates. These influencers now regularly produce content about their product. This ongoing relationship not only builds trust but also keeps the brand in the spotlight. 

User Interface for Millenials and Gen Z: Meeting the Digital Natives Needs

Understanding your target audience is crucial, and Jon did just that by tailoring their user interface to millennials and Gen Z users. Millennials and Gen Z are accustomed to multitasking and using various devices. Having a flexible and responsive UI allows users to seamlessly switch between devices while maintaining a consistent experience. 

A UI that is designed to be more modern, with bright colors, sleek design elements, and a clean layout all contribute to an interface that resonates with younger users.


Jon Darbyshire

[07:34] “People can sense in the first 30 to 60 seconds what the product does.”

[21:10] “Follow the customer. Understand that customers can help you, as an entrepreneur, know exactly what to build and why.”

Matt Wolach

[10:59] “The fact that you looked at who were the actual end users, you talked to them, you sat down, you saw the interaction that they had with the product, I think that’s so smart.”

[12:33] “I recommend recording your demos, you can go back and see how the interaction went. Especially if things don’t go well, you can go back and find out what you said that maybe lost them.”


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