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You’re Not Failing, You’re Just Selling the Wrong Thing


Slow business days hit software companies now and then. This is inescapable, whether for large-scale organizations or small-to-medium SaaS businesses. Most of the time, these low-sale durations are already considered when developing a yearly plan.

Seeing you’re still here, I’m pretty sure you’re not here for that. Have you just experienced the lowest sales your company has ever encountered? Or is your business revenue declining? Maybe you’re under pressure, qualified leads are hard to come by these days.

Here’s something to think about: maybe you’re selling the wrong thing. Instead of worrying about what you’re doing wrong, let’s focus on what you can do right

Customers are in it for the results they’ll get out of your SaaS product. And as a leader, your place in this sale would be to offer that result the moment you pique their interest. Frame your products as solutions. Display the results your potential customers will gain from specific features at first glance, making your offer hard to pass. These scenarios are straightforward.

I’ll take you through the process so you learn how to sell results instead of products. See your sales skyrocket as you apply this tactic in your next pitch!