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4 SEO Mistakes You’re Probably Making – with Ken Marshall


In the first episode of the newly rebranded Scale Your SaaS with host and B2B SaaS sales coach Matt Wolach, you’ll get to know Ken Marshall and his smart tactics for using SEO for your SaaS business. He laid out the top four SEO mistakes you’re probably making and how to avoid them to succeed in your goals.

SEO is a tricky game in today’s digital landscape, and every software business should be able to grasp its ins and outs in order to come up with a strategy that not only gains traffic for your website but potential customers as well with the right targeting methods to get your business out there. 


Podcast: Scale Your SaaS with Matt Wolach

Episode: Episode No. 248, “4 SEO Mistakes You’re Probably Making – with Ken Marshall”

Host: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS Sales Coach, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Guest: Ken Marshall, Chief Growth Officer & Managing Partner at RevenueZen


Understand That Organic is Not a Strategy

If you don’t want to be doing organic two or three years into the future from now, you need to outsource an SEO or an SDR team. This team actually knows what you need to do to  get those revenue metrics, or even get your customer acquisition costs down, then you can play around with the profit that’s coming from their campaigns. Sometimes, early stage software founders think that doing purely organic content marketing on their chosen channels work but that’s another type of misaligned expectations of the channel. 

Keep Educating Yourself

Ken reiterates that, “step zero is to educate yourself a little bit. I think every good CEO, every founder should know a little bit broadly about every function across the organization.” As SaaS leaders, it is important to not just get to know how your SEO team works but learn more about how the strategy is created, executed, and the changes that are happening in search engine algorithms in order to keep up and help improve your strategies as a company. And as they say, great leaders educate themselves and their colleagues, too.


Bottom of the Funnel is the Most Important

As the final stage before a purchase decision is made, the bottom of your marketing funnel requires detailed planning in order to convert your leads into customers. It’s the last chance you get to make a final impression on your prospects before they make a decision. That’s why it’s the most important step. 

When you can succeed in bottom-of-funnel marketing tactics, you are able to create a refined lead nurture strategy that takes new leads through the buyer’s journey and turns them into loyal customers for your brand. Bottom-of-funnel marketing is much more like sales than the other parts of the marketing funnel.

Blogging for the Sake of Blogging Isn’t Effective

On top of lead generation, a blog can also help your site climb in search rankings. Not to mention, sharing tips and insights related to your industry makes your brand look more credible and trustworthy to prospects. However, it doesn’t always work in your favor especially if you don’t have a clear strategy in place.

Ken strongly pointed out that, “blogging for the sake of blogging is not magic—it’s a human who’s consuming this and has to go through that decision-making process and decide they want to do with you. 

Bloggers fail because they don’t realize that blogging is a business that requires effort, time, and attention. Some bloggers fail because they don’t research their audience, they don’t tailor their content accordingly, they blog inconsistently, they don’t use SEO best practices, or they don’t promote their content. They just blog for the sake of blogging without any direction at all.


Ken Marshall

[16:27] “The basics of SEO or on the site, our philosophy or literally who how we think as humans, we have a whole section of our site, it’s just what we believe about marketing and don’t believe and they don’t have to ask all those questions or it’s not boring, we have to waste their time on the call, which I consider wasting the prospects time when I have to describe them.”

[18:37] “Blogging for the sake of blogging again, it’s not magic, it’s a human who’s consuming this and has to go through that decision-making process and decide what they want to do with you. And so when I see all these companies with hundreds, sometimes a blog post, I was like, How’d you create these? And they’re like, Well, it sounds like a keyword. And I was like, Well, okay, show me your keyword portfolio and the strategy document, they’re like, There is none.”

Matt Wolach

[12:33] ​​”My whole thing is don’t sell in discovery, need to learn from them, soak up as much information, get them emotional. And then you sell in the demo.”


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