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How Treasure Data Went From $0 to $100M in Revenue – with Kaz Ohta


In today’s fast-paced digital world, software businesses must stay connected with their customers to provide an optimal experience. However, with so much consumer data scattered across various applications and systems, getting a complete view of a customer is challenging. This problem is where a Customer Data Platform (CDP) comes in. 

This week’s episode of Scale Your SaaS with Kaz Ohta, CEO & Co-Founder at Treasure Data, and B2B SaaS Sales Coach Matt Wolach will explore how a CDP can revolutionize your business and what to consider when implementing one.


Podcast: Scale Your SaaS with Matt Wolach

Episode: Episode No. 262, “How Treasure Data Went From $0 to $100M in Revenue – with Kaz Ohta”

Host: Matt Wolach, a B2B SaaS sales coach, Entrepreneur, and Investor

Guest: Kaz Ohta, CEO & Co-Founder


Data Helps Businesses Improve Customer Experiences

Treasure Data is a customer data platform that aggregates data from various sources to create a unified 360-degree view of a customer. Businesses can rely on it to execute customer engagement strategies. Treasure Data unifies the data and creates real customer 360 views, which businesses can rely on to execute customer engagement strategies.

Determine if Data is Right for Your Business

If you’re a large enterprise looking to improve your customer experiences, a platform like Treasure Data’s customer data platform may be the right solution. 

It’s essential to remember that improving your customer experiences is the ultimate goal, and a unified view of your customer’s data is crucial to achieving that goal. The best thing to do is to understand your customer engagement strategies and identify any gaps preventing you from providing a personalized customer experience.

Learn From Customers

Kaz believes that learning from customers is crucial for consistent product-market fit and customer growth. It’s essential to keep learning from new industries, verticals, and customers to identify the next segment of your customer base. 

Consistently creating these layers of customer segments is how you grow your business. He takes this philosophy seriously, regularly meeting with customers and partners to learn from their experiences and improve Treasure Data’s product offerings.


The Role of Customer Engagement Strategies in Business Success

Customer engagement strategies are essential for SaaS businesses to succeed in today’s market. Providing a personalized customer experience is crucial to building brand loyalty and customer retention. 

To achieve this, software businesses need a system of aggregation that can unify data from various sources and create real customer 360 views. Treasure Data’s customer data platform can provide this solution, allowing businesses to effectively execute their customer engagement strategies. 

By consistently learning from customers and identifying new segments of the customer base, businesses can achieve consistent product-market fit and growth.

Personalized Customer Experience is a Game-Changer

A CDP can be a game-changer for SaaS businesses looking to provide a personalized customer experience, increase operational efficiency, and accelerate revenue growth. When selecting and implementing a CDP, consider the integration capabilities, data privacy and security, scalability, and customer support. 

With careful planning and execution, a CDP can revolutionize your business and create a competitive advantage in the market.


Kaz Ohta

[14:16] “And there’s a lot of drama, and I was the head of engineering and product. So I needed to convince my co-founders, and some of the people didn’t believe in so they tried to fire me to go to the board, and there was a lot of drama happening. But after that we grew from 50 million ARR to 100 million. So I’m glad we did that change.”

[19:12] “I would say, commit 10 years, right? When we started the company, there were many startups in the same category, someone could pop out from stamp board, those engineering group who came out from Google started singing a product. Meta Microsoft music. After 10 years, we’re the only ones who survived. Right? We listened to the customer. We had grit, right? So we just keep going.”

Matt Wolach

[16:45] “I’ve had that same experience, where you just need the right person at the right time, sometimes they maybe have been the right person, but at the wrong time for your business growth cycle. And it can be a disaster. And I’ve done that as well. It’s frustrating because you think they’ll be so perfect, and it doesn’t work out.”

[19:57] “Just stay committed. And have that grit and know your customer.”


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