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Should You Script Your Sales Calls

Whether you’re on your first software demo or have been through a few sales calls already, you might be conflicted about using a script. This is perfectly understandable, as sales leaders are still debating which is the best approach. 

After all, scripted and non-scripted sales calls have pros and cons.

Suppose you went scriptless in SaaS sales because you wanted to keep the call as authentic as possible; you risk the call getting derailed. The prospect may start leading the conversation, or you may say things that do not resonate. The bad ending is wasted time and potentially losing the deal.

On the other hand, using a script can be just as fatal to your closing rate. Sure, you will always be on track by having a guide. 

But have you ever rung customer service and got frustrated because the call feels robotic and it’s like they’re not getting you at all? Reading a script is never smooth. 

You might be thinking, “Matt, both of these sound bad. What should I do?” Before we sink deeper into this endless rabbit hole, let me say this once and for all: The answer to whether you should go with a sales script in your software discovery or demo calls is both a yes and no.

While this sounds contradictory, it actually is not. 

My latest video talks about how to properly use scripts in sales calls. The gist is you do not read the scripts during a sales call. Find out more by checking out my latest sales tip and learn how to use scripts the right way!