Stop Having Prospects Ghost You

The term ghosting comes from the dating scenes, but salespeople struggle with the same phenomena in business. I believe every SaaS founder and sales professional can resonate with the following story of their sales career.

You had a great conversation going with one of your promising prospects. Exchanged emails, delivered your sales pitch, nailed your demo call, they openly expressed interest in your services, asked for additional info, you sent a detailed follow-up email, and then…nothing. *crickets*

Days and weeks have passed, and your prospect is nowhere to be found. They are not answering your phone calls or replying to your emails—you’ve been ghosted. ?

And just like in any relationship, client ghosting is real and it hurts.

It’s even worse when the prospect ghosts you just at the end of the sales process – after your last sales meeting and right before you close them.

You’re left confused about why that happened. And deeply disappointed.

So, now what? Watch this video and see how you can prevent this!

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